When it comes to quality we do not know any compromises. The choice of major contractors and developments, we have earned a reputation as the best quality geyser currently available.


Our geysers are fully compatible with our heat pump and solar range. Superior design and uncompromising quality brings you peace of mind.


  • Unique end cap design
  • IPX 4 rated against water splash
  • Horizontal Fitment as standard, while vertical fitments are made possible through utilizing the patented Banjo Valve.
  • SABS approved
  • Wall mounted (50L/100L/150L only)
  • Easy serviceable through centralized component location
  • Drain cock and TP valve as standard
  • Available in standard and slimline design
  • Unique female inlet and outlets

Water Heating


Utilizing the energy of the sun to reduce our dependency on electricity makes so much sense. With electricity cost increasing it also becomes a necessity.

Franke Solar Water Heating Systems gives you the client the opportunity to fully utilize the power of the sun to heat your water. Our unique patented design makes our systems fully frost resistant without utilizing glycols and other solvents.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Electricity back up
  • Electronic control unit to control and manage temperatures
  • SABS approved
  • Fully frost resistant
  • Full technical back-up and support

W.E. Geysers has been in the water heating industry focusing mainly on domestic electric water heaters. Our mission statement was clear and simple from the onset, and that was to produce products of the highest quality that are technically advanced compared to competitors. Considering South Africa's harsh and diverse water conditions, we felt that something more advanced had to be employed for preventing corrosion, furthermore the old technologies also required maintenance in that the sacrificial anodes needed regular replacing.

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